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Jersey National Trust plans to plant trees for Queen's green canopy

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

There are plans to plant woodland across two former potato fields to mark the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in 2022.

The National Trust for Jersey has submitted a planning application for the fields in Bouley Bay to have their use changed. The scheme would coincide with the Queen's Green Canopy project, and plant more than 700 trees and shrubs.

The application is for a change of usesays it plans as the land is currently agricultural.

The Chief Executive Officer for Jersey's National Trust, Charles Alluto, said changing old potato fields into woodland would "help stabilise the land".

He also said it would be better for the environment as it would cut down on run off from the land that can contain nitrates and phosphates.

He added: "All we are really doing is restoring the area. It's also in close proximity to existing woodland and so it enables us to extend that habitat, but also we're conscious of the fact that at the top of the slope there is heathlands so we're going to create this graduation as ultimately the heathlands is already a very important habitat as well."

The majority of trees planted will be oak, with other local species including wild cheering, silver birch, chestnut, ash and crab-apple.

Regarding the Queen's Jubilee Mr Alluto said: "It will be lovely to think that this project could be be part of a national campaign to recognise the Queen's service to the nation."


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