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Jersey mother thankful to Rhodes community amid wildfires

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

A woman returning to Jersey after escaping the Rhodes wildfires has thanked the Greek families who "could not do enough for them".

Lucy Le Boutillier, her partner and two children, were evacuated from their hotel on Saturday.

Forced to abandon their luggage, they walked south before being taken by army trucks to a hotel, then a school.

Ms Le Boutillier said volunteers brought them food, water, and even a makeshift shower.

Speaking before their flight home, she said they were "camped down" in a primary school in the north of the island.

Ms Le Boutlillier added: "We are being really, really well looked after by some of the local school teachers and a local volunteer in Greece.

"They literally cannot do enough for us, bringing food, lots of water and juices, anything like towels.

"They've made a makeshift shower for us just to try and clean off, they've just brought round a paddling pool for my daughter to go in. "She's made friends with the schoolchildren here so that's keeping her mind off things and entertained."

Rhodes has been hit by severe wild fires that have left thousands of tourists in limbo, with hotels and roads to the airport affected. Ms Le Boutillier and her family finally managed to get a flight out on Tuesday.

Travelling first to Birmingham before making their to Gatwick, they were due to arrive in Jersey on Wednesday. Before making the journey from Rhodes, Ms Le Boutillier added: "Everything's still up in the air, it changes literally by the hour.

"Obviously it's really hot, we've just got the clothes that we left wearing on Saturday.

"We're just hanging around being looked after by the locals, they've been so nice to us.

"It's just trying to stay positive, the little one has their ups and downs, we are just wanting to go home straight away but we have to wait our turn and go through the process."


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