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Jersey history exhibition to close after 31 years

An exhibition illustrating the Story of Jersey will close after being open for 31 years.

Jersey Heritage said the display at Jersey Museum would make way for a new exhibition, set to open in summer 2024. It added the opening would coincide with the start of a year-long trial of free entry into the museum. Morgan Ward, head of programmes, said the story of the island had been seen by "thousands of visitors", but it was "time for a change".

He said: "We are busy creating content for the new exhibition that will tell the story of some of the most important chapters and objects in Jersey's history. "Over the next few months, we'll be removing the old displays to make way for new ones and we can't wait to share this new exhibition with the public next summer."

Mr Ward said the new exhibition would "interpret some new stories".

"What we're looking at is a more flexible exhibition, so rather than fixed window dressing and large pieces, we're going to tell the story of key hero objects from Jersey's past, very important documents, very important artefacts, and the key stories that have shaped the way of island life," he said.


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