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Jersey government-owned company saves tenants from eviction

A Jersey government-owned housing company has bought two estates that were set to evict tenants in March.

Andium Homes purchased both Spencer Lodge and Spencer Close in St Saviour on Friday 18 February, it said.

The purchase comes after 33 tenants were served an eviction notice on 24 December 2021, giving them three months notice to find new accommodation.

Andium Homes' chief executive Ian Gallichan said he was "delighted" residents did not have to move out.

'Tenure secure'

He said: "When the news broke about the residents at Spencer Close and Spencer Lodge being given three months' notice just before Christmas, Andium agreed to step in to see whether we could buy the entire building and save the tenants from losing their homes.

"On Friday afternoon, we were able to tell residents that our formal offer to buy the buildings has been accepted and that their tenure of their homes is secure."

Mr Gallichan said there was still "some legal work to do", but he expected the purchase to be completed by March. Former housing minister Senator Sam Mezec said the purchase was a step forward to a better housing market in Jersey.

He said: "This shows the positive role that our publicly-owned affordable housing provider can play in raising housing standards and providing greater affordability and security to tenants.

"If we are to have any hope of resolving Jersey's housing crisis, we must support Andium in the future to continue to expand its housing offer."


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