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Jersey Ferry Berthing Trial Declared Successful

Earlier, Brittany Ferries' 151m (495ft) long vessel Bretagne entered St Helier's harbour in Jersey as part of the trial. A company spokesperson confirmed the successful berthing trial of the car and passenger ferry.

This follows a previous berthing trial involving the 158m (518ft) long Barfleur on 26 March. Brittany Ferries stated it continues to explore short and medium-term options to best serve the islands through Condor Ferries. The company mentioned, "This includes considering the potential of ships within the broader Brittany Ferries fleet to provide support when necessary, depending on port layout and ship specifications."

Following the Barfleur trial in March, the company, a Condor Ferries Ltd shareholder, emphasized the importance of manoeuvrability when berthing larger vessels in Jersey's compact port. Jersey maritime operations officials had described the Barfleur trial as "successful," noting the vessel's size exceeded typical accommodations in Jersey.

A Ports of Jersey spokesperson compared the length of these vessels to others docking at the port, such as the 162m (531ft) Finlandia Seaways, the 125m (410ft) Condor Islander, the 126m (413ft) Commodore Goodwill, and the 129m (423ft) Commodore Clipper.

'Zero Emissions Ferry' News of the successful berthing coincides with Brittany Ferries signing a partnership with Wärtsilä and Incat to explore the design and technical requirements for a 137m (449ft) zero emissions ferry.

Brittany Ferries and Condor's CEO Christophe Mathieu said, "This is a crucial project as we explore different ways to achieve net zero by 2050.

“All-electric power is a potential solution, best suited for shorter ferry routes."

He added that while it remains uncertain which routes might be feasible, staff are collaborating with "trusted partners" to "help us scope it out."

Mr. Mathieu noted that once the project is completed, they could move quickly.

The project comes as Brittany Ferries said it was nearing completion of the biggest fleet renewal programme in its history. Five new vessels will have joined the fleet by 2025, including two liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered ships, which are currently in service, and two shore-power-ready LNG-electric hybrids.

Wärtsilä is a supplier to all five new ships in Brittany Ferries’ on-going fleet renewal project.

Wärtsilä is also installing LNG-hybrid drivetrains for hybrid vessels, currently under construction and set to sail for Europe by the end of this year. Brittany Ferries took delivery of an Incat fast-ferry then named Normandie Express back in 2005. Now named Condor Voyager, the vessel operates the St Malo to Channel Islands routes under charter from Brittany Ferries to Condor Ferries.


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