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Jersey Coastguard called out 100 times this year

Jersey Coastguard has been called out more than 100 times this year, according to the service.

It comes after the coastguard experienced a busy weekend with a number of search and rescue incidents. The service said equipment failure on boats and people being cut off by tides were the two most common reasons for call outs. It said people should check equipment and tide times before heading out.

'Extra time to plan'

According to the coastguard, they would usually see this number of incidents by around mid-July so it has happened a "little earlier than usual" Jersey Coastguard is one of the island's emergency services, responsible for maritime rescues, and is operated by the Jersey Ports, on behalf of the government. It coordinates with other emergency services and the RNLI.

The statement said: "Jersey Coastguard have dealt with more than 100 incidents so far this year. These include vessels with machinery breakdowns, people cut off by tide, calls for medical assistance, and concerns about people getting into difficulty.

"Jersey Coastguard’s advice for anyone planning to go on, or near, the sea is to take a little extra time to plan and check the tides and weather forecast, ensure the equipment you are using is in good working order, and let someone know your plans."


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