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Islands align visa policy for Ukrainian relatives

Guernsey and Jersey have aligned themselves in supporting Ukrainians with family members on the islands.

The Government of Jersey said it would "mirror" changes made by the UK in opening up visas for extended family members of Ukrainian nationals.

It will now include parents, grandparents, adult children, siblings and immediate family members including a spouse and dependent children.

The States of Guernsey said it would open up its visa offering too.

On Monday the States announced free visas for immediate family members of settled Ukrainian nationals - who ordinarily live in Ukraine.

It updated its guidance on Tuesday to include extended family along with the UK and Jersey.

Jersey's minister for external relations, Senator Ian Gorst, said: "We are maintaining ongoing discussions with the UK Home Office to look at the best ways to assist these families."

He said Jersey would also create a new visa sponsor route to let British businesses bring Ukrainians to the island - as the UK is doing.


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