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Islanders urged to book for a vaccine appointment before 11 July

Jersey's Vaccination Programme is launching a campaign to encourage any remaining eligible Islanders to book for their first dose of the COVID vaccine.

The campaign aims to encourage Islanders aged 18 and over who haven't yet received a first dose to make sure they have booked an appointment before 11 July if they would like to be guaranteed full vaccination by mid-August.

Head of the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme, Becky Sherrington, said: "Jersey's Vaccination Programme is world-leading, and our uptake among eligible Islanders has been truly excellent, with more than four in five people aged 30 years and over having received a first dose of the vaccine and 92% of Islanders over 40 have had at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, and 85% are now fully vaccinated.

"Our target for phases 1 and 2 of the programme has always been to offer full vaccination to all eligible Islanders by mid-August 2021, and we are still on track to achieve this based on our current vaccine availability. As we move into July, our priority will start to shift as more Islanders require second doses of the vaccine. This means our capacity to administer first doses will be reduced as we have limited vaccine supply and so we will need to move onto second doses for those Islanders who are requiring full vaccination.

"As the programme develops, we are seeing people come forward for vaccination who hadn't immediately booked when their priority group first opened. Vaccination is a personal choice, and we understand that some people needed more time to make that decision. In the last month, we have seen an additional 1300 people over the age of 50 come forward for their first dose, which is brilliant.

"I would particularly like to emphasise how important vaccination is for anyone who is in an at-risk group with an underlying medical condition or for Islanders who are over the age of 50. Conditions that put people at high and moderate risk of COVID-19, as well as age, remain the key factors that make someone more vulnerable to becoming very unwell with the virus."

"I understand that people lead busy lives, so if you haven't got around to finding the time to book, I would encourage you to do so as soon as possible so we can make sure you're vaccinated in good time. If you are in this category, please go online to and make a booking by 11 July so we can ensure we're able to provide full vaccination to you by mid-August."

Minister for Health and Social Services, Deputy Richard Renouf, said: "We have made incredible progress with our Vaccination Programme, and our most vulnerable Islanders in Jersey are now protected, which is one of the objectives the programme set out to achieve. I would like to thank Islanders for this remarkable achievement in protecting our Island from COVID-19.

"I'm aware how well attended the vaccination centre has been recently, after opening appointments up to Islanders aged 18 and over, and I would also like to thank all of our younger Islanders who have attended appointments.

"I would urge all Islanders aged 18 and over to not let time run out. If you are planning to book for your vaccination, please do so as soon as possible."

Appointment details for second doses are automatically sent out via text message and email. Second doses are based on the vaccine supply that our vaccination programme receives from the UK. This means that timing for second appointments can fluctuate week on week. The vaccination team have a strict process in place to ensure Islanders receive an appointment for a second dose no later than 12 weeks after their first, however average second dose interval is generally much sooner, dependant on vaccine supply.

There is no need to call the helpline as second dose appointments will be sent out as early as possible based on the vaccine supply available. It's important for Islanders to attend the appointment date and time given to them to ensure the team have the right vaccine available.


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