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Invasive species 'Sea Vomit' found in Jersey Marina

An invasive species, known as Sea Vomit, has been discovered in a Jersey harbour. The government confirmed the organism was found during routine monitoring of four small colonies across several pontoons in May.

It has now also been found attached to boats in Elizabeth Marina. Senior Scientific Officer for Invasive Species in Jersey Alastair Christie said the Sea Vomit originated from Japan and had spread to the British Isles "over the past few decades".

He said: "More recently it has had a presence in southern UK ports so it was likely to be just a matter of time before it arrived here in Jersey.

“It’s a concern as it may have some impacts on aquaculture businesses in damaging stocks, marine leisure in increasing the fouling of boat hulls and also upon our native marine ecology as a competitor with our existing marine species."

Mr Christie said he hoped the "current incursion" was minimal "and that swift removal, followed by continued monitoring, will avoid a significant infestation and the impacts will be low".

The government confirmed assessment of other harbours and part of the coast was "under way to assess the extent of the infestation".


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