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Further restrictions easing within Stage 5

Jersey will move into Stage 5 of the Reconnection roadmap from Monday, 12 April meaning further easing of restrictions, including new guidance for physical distancing, working from home and gathering limits.

Key changes:

  • No limit on the number of people at controlled events, such as weddings

  • 20 people can now attend informal gatherings in people's homes or public places such as beaches

  • No limit on participants or spectators at events such as sport or theatre events

  • 2m physical distancing no longer law, but 2m recommended where possible, 1m minimum

  • Working from home no longer default model, new guidance supports return to work

  • Masks must still be worn by public in indoor places, plus contact details provided in some venues

Workforce testing is available for all office workers and employees in various sectors, with the time intervals between tests depending on their category of work. It is strongly recommended that employees returning to the office should utilise the free workforce testing programme.

The Minister for Health and Social Services, Deputy Richard Renouf said: "These changes all come with new public health guidance to support a safe transition. While the 2m physical distancing is no longer required by law, people should still make every effort to maintain distance from those they don't live with, wherever possible.

"Maintaining 2m helps keep people safe and reduces the risk of having to self-isolate because you came into close contact with someone who has COVID-19. This change from law to guidance is about a gradual movement to less stringent measures, it does not mean the risk has gone.

"As people gradually return to work, we really want to encourage eligible Islanders to take part in the workforce testing programme. This not only will protect you, but also your team members and workplace.

"I'm really pleased that people can once again gather, without limit, to enjoy controlled events such as weddings, theatre performances and sporting events, which I'm sure many people can look forward to this summer.

"Masks remain mandatory within public, indoor spaces and there are no changes to this requirement. I really hope Islanders can enjoy meeting again and respect the subtle but important measures that remain, to keep us all safe."

Workforce tests can be booked via the helpline on 0800 735 5566, Islanders are advised to speak to the helpline to ascertain what category they fall under with regards to testing frequency.

It remains the plan to resume the inbound travel classifications for the UK and Crown Dependencies from Monday, 26 April.

Further information and details on the new guidance for Stage 5 can be found online under Advice for Islanders.


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