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"Four Hospitalised Following Reported Explosion"

Four people have been taken to hospital in Jersey after reports of an explosion on Wednesday night.

Emergency services were called to a terraced property in the Mont Pinel area of St Saviour at 23:00 BST. Several local homes were evacuated as a precaution. Police said the incident was being investigated and the cause remained unknown.

The house affected is on a lane in Le Mont Pinel, which is a tightly-packed residential area, about 100m (328ft) from a hotel which is popular with holidaymakers.

A photo from the edge of the police cordon shows the house - with the front of the property exposed and a children's bunk bed visible inside. Two women who live below the affected house said their property "shook".

"The area around Mont Pinel is closed but school traffic around the area is not affected and Mont Millais is open, " police said.

A local pre-school, Acrewood Day Nursery, has been closed for the day on police advice.

Jersey Electricity workers had been on site cutting off the electricity supply as a precaution.

Island Energy said it was supporting the emergency services at the scene.

Constable Kevin Lewis said he believed the incident affected a house in a terrace there.

He said residents had coped well.

"Well they were quite shocked, yes, and they obviously brought their pets with them... but everyone was in sort of good spirits, but obviously quite shocked with what’s going on," he said. Mr Lewis said he believed it was just one house affected - but nearby properties had also been evacuated as a precaution.

He said: "They sort of mentioned hearing a loud bang, and they said police arrived very quickly, police and emergency services, and they were just being evacuated as a precaution.

"There’s just one house affected, we understand, it’s a terrace of houses and nearby houses were evacuated."

'Very scary'

Karen Basile, 62, who lives in a neighbouring house, said she heard an "enormous bang" which shook her property.

She said the front of the house continued to collapse shortly after emergency services arrived but crews still managed to go inside to rescue four people. "It was very scary because it sounded like an explosion," she said. "We knew there were people in the house involved because we could hear people shouting out. "[We] could hear people talking to them... it was really quite shocking for everybody."

Ms Basile praised emergency services as "absolutely amazing".

She said: "It was a man who came out first, he was walking, and then I heard them say 'it’s a grab and go'. "Everybody came out very quickly after that." She said another occupant of the house was carried out on a stretcher.

"Very quickly all the emergency services moved away from the house, that’s how unstable it was," she said.


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