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Footballers Given Platform to Discuss Mental Health

A charity and a mental health support group have teamed up to make a space for footballers to talk about their wellbeing.

Wednesday Night FC and Man Club have started "The Talking Tent" - a place where people discuss their problems with those trained in mental health first aid.

The charity runs football sessions at Oakfield Sports Centre and the marquee is located next to the pitches.

Organisers said the tent was already making a difference for people coming to play football after it was set up last month. Adam Grocott helped found Wednesday Night FC, which focuses on wellbeing instead of winning. He said the tent was a welcome addition and it made "such a difference for people to come and connect with others".

"We were just missing that one final piece of the puzzle [and] that was somewhere comfortable to convene so they can talk about their mental wellbeing and other issues," he said. "Now we've got that." The club said anyone was able to use the tent.

Matt Falla, from Man Club, said he hoped sports clubs around the island looked to do something similar to support their members.

He said he was "delighted" after his club joined forces with Wednesday Night FC to make "a space to sit, talk, share and connect".

"We look forward to taking The Talking Tent on the road and helping to facilitate connections island-wide," he said


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