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Ferry delayed overnight after scraping berth

A ferry service from Jersey had to delay its crossing overnight due to it coming "into light contact" with the berth in St Helier harbour.

Ports of Jersey said the Elizabeth East Berth was damaged by the Condor Islander but the extent of the damage was still being assessed. Condor Ferries confirmed the vessel's departure to Guernsey and Portsmouth was delayed after the ship's starboard side scraped the east berth on arrival. The company said it was assessed by engineers and remained overnight before heading out in the morning.

Marcus Calvani, head of the Jersey Hospitality Association, said it provided more than 100 passengers with hotel rooms late on Wednesday night. He said: "There was a need for over 100 passengers to find accommodation overnight before the passengers were aware of the fact that they needed accommodation overnight.

"We got on the phone to our sub-sectors and managed to pull off accommodation for everybody including 53 young school children and their six teachers within about 20 minutes."

Freight shipments were placed onto other vessels, and Condor said it regretted "the inconvenience caused".


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