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Event to Teach Basic Safety Tips to Schoolchildren

More than 1,000 primary school children in Jersey are expected to attend an event focused on keeping them safe.

The 10-day "Safety In Action" event at Highlands College, which begins later, will teach Year 5 children on how to grow up safely, organisers Child Accident Prevention Jersey (CAPJ) said.

Its six interactive workshops will cover fire prevention, kitchen safety, first aid, water safety, road safety and outdoor safety.

Organisers said it would "provide important safety messages, information and life skills to keep children, their family and friends safe".

'Full potential'

Experts from fire, police and ambulance services will be in attendance alongside other local businesses, charitable and voluntary organisations. Organisers said: "CAPJ wants every child to explore, play, have fun and get muddy in the process, in order to help them develop and reach their full potential.

"They believe it is the right of every child to grow up in an environment that keeps them safe from injury, disability and death. "A balanced approach to assessing the risks and benefits of an action will reduce the number of children failing to become healthy, happy adults because of an unintentional injury in childhood."


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