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Eight rescued after yacht hits rocks

Four children were among eight people rescued when a yacht struck rocks off Jersey.

Both RNLI St Helier lifeboats were deployed to the scene just outside the harbour at about 21:30 BST on Tuesday. When they arrived, some passengers from the French yacht were already in a life raft and others were on the rocks, rescuers said. Some of those rescued were taken to hospital as a precaution before spending the night at a hotel.

'Fast-paced rescue'

Jersey Coastguard said the vessel had drifted onto a rock south of the reclamation site after a rope became entangled with the propeller. A Ports of Jersey vessel recovered the grounded yacht just after 05:00. Rescuers managed to get the eight passengers into the lifeboats and back to safety.

Jersey RNLI said: "The proximity of the incident to the harbour meant this was a fast-paced rescue, but the exceptional training and teamwork of our crews ensured it was executed efficiently.

"All casualties from the sailing vessel were assessed at the lifeboat station, with a few taken to the hospital for precautionary checks. "Jersey Coastguard kindly arranged a hotel for the night, and the sailing boat was recovered and hoisted out of the water in the early hours of the morning. "We remind all mariners that lifejackets are essential safety equipment and should always be on board and readily accessible."


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