Eastward bus lane pilot to begin

Buses travelling on routes to the east of the Island will be able to turn right out of Liberation Station onto a newly designated bus lane as part of a pilot scheme aimed at cutting journey times and reducing delays.

The designated bus lane outside the Pomme d'Or hotel is the first of its kind in the town centre, it will allow buses to travel between Liberation Square and The Weighbridge, directly to the tunnel.

Currently, buses leaving the station experience delays at peak times after they turn left onto the Esplanade, left onto Castle Street and then merge with traffic on La Route de la Liberation.

Work to adjust the road layout on the Esplanade and Weighbridge Place will be carried out at the end of April, with the pilot beginning in early May.

Deputy Kevin Lewis, Minister for Infrastructure said: "This pilot scheme will reduce journey times to the east of the Island, getting passengers where they need to be more quickly, and therefore making it more attractive to use the service.

"It will also mean reduced emissions and less congestion on that part of the road network. Lessening the reliance on cars will play a major role in the Island's response to the Climate Emergency."

Cars will still be able to turn into Conway Street and all existing traffic routes will remain possible. The lay-by in front of the Pomme d'Or hotel will also be retained, while coach stops will be created nearby on La Route de la Liberation to improve safety for coach services and passengers and reduce disruption on the town side of Liberation Square.

If you want to give feedback on the pilot, you can email dfi@gov.je