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Eagle escapes falconry display in Jersey

An eagle has gone missing after it escaped during a falconry display in Jersey.

Hemlock, the male steppe eagle, was flying at St John's Manor with Jersey Falconry at a display on Friday.

The bird of prey has a 5ft (1.5m) wingspan, with brown and white feathers.

Two sightings were reported in St Peter on Monday.

Owner Richard Hall said that, although he was worried about Hemlock, he did not think the eagle would be out looking for prey. He said: "In falconry, we say that if you don't hunt a bird they become fist-bound; they're just looking to the falconer's glove for food.

"We have ducks, chickens, geese, roaming around the place and he doesn't even look at them. "He's not interested, so he probably isn't going to feed."

Mr Hall said he believed Hemlock was waiting for the wind to slow so he could "stabilise itself and find somewhere safely to land".

Islanders who think they have spotted Hemlock have been asked not to approach the eagle, but to call Jersey Falconry.


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