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E-bike incentive scheme ends

The Minister for the Environment, Deputy Steve Luce, has decided to end the Government of Jersey’s e-bike incentive scheme early, and reallocate the remaining funding to support businesses to make the switch to electric vans.

The e-bike scheme was launched in January 2023​ as part of Jersey’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions in line with the Paris Agreement on climate change, and to support the transition to active modes of travel. Since its launch, the scheme has supported just over 600 Islanders with the purchase of an e-bike, e-cargo bike or adapted e-cycle.

The final set of vouchers had been due for release in July, but with the redemption rate of the most recent tranche in March at around 31%, the Minister has opted to bring it to a close. Almost 1,800 vouchers were awarded over the life of the scheme, with 34% of these being redeemed.

The outstanding funds of about £100,000 will instead be put back into the Electric Vehicle Incentive Scheme and will be ringfenced to help local businesses move away from petrol and diesel vans. Further details on the van scheme will be announced soon.

The Minister for the Environment, Deputy Steve Luce, said: “With only a minority of issued e-bike vouchers actually being redeemed by those who got them, I have decided to divert the funding to other aspects of the Carbon Neutral Roadmap.

“My thanks go to the bike retailers who’ve supported us with this scheme over the past year-and-a-half. We know the opportunity to buy an e-bike at a reduced price has been genuinely life-changing for some Islanders who had not previously had the option to cycle.”​


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