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Dog Licences Now Required for 2021

All dogs aged six months or more, must be licensed each year under the Dogs (Jersey) Law 1961. Each licence is specific to one dog and can't be transferred to another dog. You don't need a licence if the dog is:

• younger than six months old

• used solely by a blind or deaf person for their guidance Under the Dogs (jersey) Law 1961.

• If you own a dog aged six months or more, in January of each year you are required to apply for a dog licence.

The standard dog licence fee is £10 per dog, a late application fee (made after Jan 31st ) is £20.

Due to the situation surrounding COVID-19, the Parish Hall is currently closed to the public, however, the staff are still working and will endeavour to assist you wherever possible.

For more information and application forms for a licence, please contact the Parish Hall on 735864 email or visit our website


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