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Documentary series about Channel Islands set to air

A six-part docuseries about Jersey and Guernsey is set to air on Channel 5.

The TV show has been narrated by Alan Titchmarsh and will focus on the "colourful residents" preparing for the "busy summer ahead".

Creators Daisybeck Studios said it explored island life, such as islanders celebrating Liberation Day, and historical buildings. It also followed a family of seventh-generation farmers, a chocolatier, seaweed foragers and sailors.

Mr Titchmarsh said he was glad to have narrated the series about the Channel Islands.

"To be asked to do it for Jersey and Guernsey, which I love anyway, it was a great treat," he said.

"It shows the Channel Islands off at their very best, and meeting people with different and interesting kind of roles to play on both islands."

Executive Producer Mark McMullen said the team had found "so many fascinating stories" and they were "warmly welcomed". "We were drawn to Jersey and Guernsey as it has such a rich history and heritage and the warmth of the islanders is second to none," he said.

"Our series will show off the beauty of the islands as well as tell the stories of those who were either born on the islands or made the islands their home."


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