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Covid outbreak is identified and contained

An outbreak of nine Covid-19 cases, identified throughout this week, has been contained as it was reaching the outbreak stage. In total, 79 direct contacts have been placed in isolation and Contact Tracing are working to identify any further positive cases among these contacts. This may lead to more positive cases linked to the outbreak.

Investigation by Contact Tracing has found that the cluster spread after a number of adults got together in each other’s homes at various different events. One of these events was attended by someone who broke their isolation after arriving in Jersey from a red zone. This is being investigated and a prosecution may result.

Failure to self-isolate on arrival in Jersey is a criminal offence punishable by a fine of up to £10,000.

Public health guidelines advise against visiting other people’s homes and require everyone arriving in Jersey to isolate until a Day 10 negative test result. These rules remain in place because COVID-19 is still present and there are still cases in the community.

Some restrictions have been eased because case rates have fallen and most Islanders have been sticking to the guidance. However, Ministers have made it clear that if adherence drops, those restrictions will have to return.

Health Minister, Deputy Richard Renouf, said: “I want to thank employees across Public Health, Contact Tracing and Enforcement who have prevented a small outbreak from going any further.

“This deliberate flouting of public health advice has led to nine people testing positive so far, and 79 people having to isolate. We will not be able to continue our reconnection plans if this kind of behaviour becomes more prevalent.”

Ministers are still advising against household mixing because there are no control measures possible in private homes.


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