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Covid Omicron: Jersey firms in line for more support

Jersey's government is working on plans to help businesses affected by the arrival of the Omicron variant.

Business leaders have been told support, such as the Co-Funded Payroll Scheme (CFPS), will be reintroduced as "insurance" against Omicron.

Minister for Treasury and Resources, Deputy Susie Pinel, said the Fixed Cost Support Scheme (FCSS) was being extended. She said the Omicron variant meant a downturn in trade for some businesses. Businesses that have experienced a fall in income of more than 20% this month, compared to December 2019, will be able to claim up to £1,250 per worker, for the month, under CFPS.

Claims for December will be made January, and in February for January.

FCSS makes a financial contribution towards a business' fixed costs where it has been impacted by Covid-19 related public health measures, including physical distancing.

Minister for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture, Senator Lyndon Farnham, said: "It is clear that Omicron has affected consumer confidence, and that businesses and livelihoods continue to need support in some sectors. "We will maintain support where it is needed, as we have throughout the pandemic."


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