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Covid: Hairdressers and nail bars reopen in Jersey

Hairdressers, nail bars and other "close contact" businesses have reopened in Jersey.

They have been closed since Christmas because of coronavirus restrictions on the island.

Other non-essential shops reopened on 3 February with signs encouraging social distancing and shoppers advised to wear masks inside premises. On Wednesday there were 56 cases of coronavirus in the island, with five new cases on Tuesday.

Kira Everett, who runs the Barberette mobile hairdressing service, is relaunching with appointments in St Peter, before heading off around the island.

"I'm working until half past three and then I'm doing house calls from nine o'clock this evening," she said. Anna Lewandowska, from the Glamour House beauty salon in St Helier, she was "very happy" to reopen having gone through all her savings to support herself.

"There are queues in the shops again, it's absolutely amazing for the economy," she said.

Shops that can reopen include:

  • hairdressers and barbershops 

  • beauty and nail salons 

  • piercing and tattoo studios  

  • laser and cosmetic clinics  

  • makeup services  

  • massage and sports massage therapy  

  • wellbeing and holistic health 

 Saunas, steam rooms, spas and all indoor sports and exercise venues remain closed. Non-essential shops reopened on 3 February with signs encouraging social distancing.

Deputy Richard Renouf, Minister for Health and Social Services, urged islanders to "continue strict adherence" to social distancing and restrictions on household mixing or "Covid-19 cases could rise again".

"Relaxation in one area does not mean Islanders can automatically relax another," he said.

The government will reconsider restrictions on working from home and the reopening of "some hospitality services" on 24 February.

A hospitality circuit-breaker, forcing all pubs and restaurants to close, has been in place since 4 December.


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