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COVID-19 Testing Available Now at LV Pharmacy

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

LV Pharmacy, part of the LV Care Group, is now offering islanders access to 15-minute antigen tests, which detect the live COVID-19 virus. After only a few days of offering these non-invasive tests, the pharmacy is already looking to increase capacity to meet demand.

LV Pharmacy, which led the UK’s first community pharmacy testing programme earlier in the year, is offering the rapid tests to Islanders of all ages and are priced at £50 which includes the test kit, the professional service, result analysis and certification. The tests are undertaken by qualified health professionals in pharmacy clinic rooms via a non-invasive, nostril-only swab sample, with results available within 15 minutes.

Matt Johnson, Head of LV Pharmacy, said: “We are delighted to be extending our testing capability to include the rapid antigen tests which are up to 99.7% accurate. These tests detect the presence of viral proteins (antigens) generated by the COVID-19 virus. “Particularly in the run up to the festive season, Islanders want to know with certainty that they are safe to visit relatives and friends. Likewise, for corporate clients, the tests are an important measure that can ensure teams are virus free if they are working from the office. The tests can be performed in any appropriate setting which means businesses will have the ability to have their teams tested onsite and regularly. A number of businesses we have spoken with have said that antigen testing will enable them to provide reassurance to customers and their own employees that there are no instances of the virus going undetected within their operations.

“Pharmacies, as essential care providers in the Island, have been on the front line since the Covid-19 pandemic started and have been rapidly responding to the needs of patients including keeping essential stocks of medications available, making essential home deliveries and educating and protecting patients from the transmission of the virus. It makes sense that with a medical infrastructure already in place serving the local community, we continue extending our pharmaceutical services to include antigen testing.”

After only a few days of offering the service, the pharmacy is exploring how it can increase capacity to meet demand. At present the team can perform 50 tests per day. Following the test, Islanders are required to wait in the private testing room for their results. Islanders are required to wear a mask throughout the process.

“If anyone is displaying symptoms or has been contacted by the Track and Trace team, they must attend the test facility and appointment that the government provides. Our service is only for those who are not displaying symptoms,” added Mr Johnson.

LV Pharmacy is part of the LV Care Group which manages residential and care homes in the island. The antigen testing will soon be implemented across these care settings, enabling the Group to test residents and staff weekly and visitors as they arrive to see their loved ones.

To book a test, for further information or to discuss group and regular testing and the discounts available, call 870771, Monday – Friday.

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