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Covid-19: Jersey choirs and brass bands play outdoors again

Choirs and brass bands in Jersey are allowed to play together for the first time since the pandemic began.

Group singing and playing brass or woodwind instruments was banned by the Government of Jersey last March.

Adults can meet in groups of up to 10 outdoors to play for 30 minutes, if they maintain 2m (6.5ft) physical distancing and there is no audience.

Choir conductor Annette Blanchet described the move as being "absolutely brilliant" for local musicians. Up to 10 children have been able to sing or play instruments indoors since last Wednesday, with an adult present.

All practice sessions must be limited to 30 minutes and "spectators and crowds should be prevented", the government guidance states. Mrs Blanchet said the restriction on public singing since last March had been "awful", preventing many from exploring their "creative side" with friends. She said: "If one of your hobbies is music, it's what you rely on for your good spirits, your wellbeing, for your social interaction.

"Singing is something which is all ages, all abilities and I think there's a lot of us that have sorely missed it."

Mrs Blanchet added the move was a "great first step", despite the size limits meaning full choirs were not "realistic at the moment, but being able to get a group of 10 together means we can get small parts of a choir together.

"We can start rehearsing and getting our voices fit again, learning new pieces and actually preparing for the day, which will hopefully come at some point, when we can put on concerts again," she said.

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