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Charity faces difficulty sourcing shoeboxes for Christmas

A charity aiming to provide gifts to children in Ukraine and Romania has issued an urgent appeal for shoeboxes.

Mustard Seed Jersey plans to send thousands of parcels this year as part of its Christmas shoebox appeal but is facing difficulties in sourcing empty boxes.

Charity worker Rose Helie expressed that Mustard Seed would be "extremely grateful" for any shoebox donations.

Ms. Helie noted that last year, the organization sent between 3,000 and 4,000 shoeboxes.

'Absolute lifeline' The charity aims to send a similar number of shoeboxes this year.

"We are currently struggling to source enough empty boxes for our Christmas shoebox appeal," she said.

"This issue has arisen before and has been increasingly challenging. Stricter fire regulations mean shops are less willing to store empty shoeboxes for us."

Ms. Helie mentioned that some of the recipients of the Christmas shoeboxes may be struggling with food insecurity.

"It is really moving to hear that the food we send is an absolute lifeline for them," she said.

"We would be extremely grateful if people could save their shoeboxes for us."


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