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Channel Islands Lottery: Jackpot won by Guernsey ticket

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

The first prize jackpot of £630,852 has been claimed in the Channel Islands Christmas Lottery.

The first run was redrawn after the winning number was on an unsold ticket, organisers said.

A second run took place and organisers said the first prize had been claimed by someone in Guernsey.

A total of 67 prizes were available, with the winning numbers listed on the Government of Jersey website. Organisers picked up the error "when alphanumerical checks on the initial winning numbers was concluded".

They said in a statement: "Unfortunately a batch of unsold tickets were initially included in the draw, which should have been excluded. "The first run draw was therefore void, and the winning numbers were once again selected at random, including only those tickets that had been sold."

The second prize of £50,000 has also been claimed in Guernsey.

The Channel Islands Christmas lottery is a joint venture between the States of Guernsey and the Government of Jersey with profits shared with charitable associations across the islands.

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