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Average Jersey wage drops by 2.8%, report finds

Wages of people in Jersey working in both the public and private sector have fallen by 2.8% since June 2022, a report has found. Statistics Jersey's average earnings report for June 2023, external measures the annual change in gross wages and salaries of workers in the island.

Average earnings of full-time workers rose by 7.7% in the 12 months since June but the rise was below the rate of inflation which was 10.9%. The report also found 14% of private sector employees were earning less than the Jersey 'Living Wage' - £12.19 per hour.

Patrick Lynch, CEO of Caritas Jersey, said he was "shocked" by the figure.

He said: "We thought this percentage would be considerably less. "Although average earnings have increased 7.7% in the last year, this is much less than inflation in that time and has resulted in a real terms cut in pay."

People working in agriculture saw the biggest rise in earnings, going up by 19.8% due to a rise in hours worked compared to 2022. The lowest wage increase was 5.2% for people working for care homes, cleaning companies and leisure services. The median average earnings for full-time workers was £800 per week.

Statistics Jersey said over the past decade, average earnings had dropped by 2.7%.


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