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Apprenticeship funding consultation launched

Students and employers in Jersey are being asked for their views on the results of the recent review of the apprenticeship funding scheme.

Feedback is being sought following a review by Highlands College and Skills Jersey, which looked to ensure that apprenticeships were able to support Jersey's workforce skill needs, support Jersey's economic growth, and ensure apprenticeships are well funded.

The review recommends several changes to the way apprenticeships are managed.

Firstly, it recommended that the Highlands College and Trackers Scheme are merged into a single Jersey Apprenticeship programme with a single online application portal.

The review also proposes that all apprentices should have access to mentoring if they need it and that applications should move to an online application system.

Finally, the review proposed a change to the funding process, which would mean that all apprentices and their employers would be eligible for funding, based on:

  • Whether the apprenticeship is in an area identified as a priority area for Jersey's economy

  • The age and status of the apprentice: funding will be prioritised for apprentices aged between 16-19, aged 50 and over, or those recruited via the Back to Work programme

  • The nature of the employer: funding will be prioritised for employers who employ fewer than five people and those who already employ more than five apprentices.

Funding will be prioritised for apprenticeships that meet one or more of these criteria.

Assistant Minister for Children and Education, Deputy Scott Wickenden, said: "Apprenticeships are a vital part of the education provision we offer on-Island. They provide people with the opportunity for hands on learning, in a range of industries that benefit Islanders.

"This review has put together a robust model to ensure that funding is distributed fairly, based on the needs of the individual apprentice, and the needs of the Island's economy.

"I'd encourage any employers of apprentices, and any individuals involved in apprenticeships to respond to this consultation."

Employers, apprenticeship providers, and individuals can offer their feedback on the proposals by emailing with their views before 11 June 2021

More information about the proposals are available on the Government of Jersey website.


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