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Actively seeking work figures released

The latest release from Statistics Jersey indicates that there are currently 720 jobseekers actively registered for work, a number consistently lower than in previous years, thanks to the ongoing efforts of the Back to Work team. Key points and initiatives include:

  • Back to Work continues to appeal to employers to provide support by offering work placements to jobseekers. This aims to enhance their skill sets and improve their prospects of securing permanent employment.

  • The programme emphasises the effectiveness of Industry Training, combining classroom learning with practical experience with an employer. This avenue has been highly successful in moving individuals closer to employment.

  • ​Back to Work promotes itself as a supportive platform for jobseekers, regardless of whether they are claiming Income Support. As long as individuals have five years of registered status, they are encouraged to seek support from Back to Work.

A rundown of the comprehensive support provided by the Back to Work team includes dedicated advisors offering personalised support, proactive job-matching, employment incentives and paid training schemes, as well as the Foundations program, which focuses on skill enhancement through community projects, and an array of training courses to develop personal and work-related skills.

Jersey's job market remains strong despite recent challenges, offering diverse opportunities across various sectors. Assistant Minister for Social Security, Deputy Malcolm Ferey said: “It is encouraging that the actively seeking work numbers remain low. I am aware that retail had a good Christmas and hope that this continues into 2024 with the support from Back to Work. I encourage employers to continue registering any vacancies that they have with Back to work and to consider offering work and placement opportunities.

“This update underlines the ongoing efforts to support jobseekers and emphasises the importance of collaboration between employers and the Back to Work programme to create opportunities for those seeking employment. Financial incentives for employers continue to be available, please contact the team on for further information."


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